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PC Grabberâ„¢ Model 308 Dtmf Modem


These days people are looking for inexpensive ways to control and communicate with devices remotely, it just so happens that using dtmf to transmit data is a very inexpensive solution. The PC Grabberâ„¢ model 308 is a very easy solution for applications to read and send dtmf through the serial port to communicate with remote or on site devices. Many companies have used the model 308 for reading and programming such devices as remote automatic power meter readers, gas meters and to read dtmf ANI from emergency freeway phones in the state of California. The PC Grabberâ„¢ model 308 has many viable features that can be designed into remote management systems that use DTMF as a means of communications.


  • Help Call Systems
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Remote Device Control
  • Custom Alarm Receiver


  • Send and receive dtmf tones (0-9,*#ABCD)
  • Control telephone line on and off hook
  • Detect and answer incoming calls

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